[Tweeters] Edmonds / South County Christmas Bird Count Results

Rick Taylor taylorrl at outlook.com
Sun Dec 22 18:59:24 PST 2019

Here are the PRELIMINARY results for the Edmonds / South County Christmas Bird Count conducted Saturday December 14. I'm still chasing data from a couple of feeder watchers and a field participant, so the numbers will change. The weather was average for the CBC - low 40's, calm, intermittent light drizzle in the morning and light rain in the afternoon. We had record participation 95 field participants in 34 teams, and 103 feeder counters at 77 locations. The boat party had an excellent day on the water and 4 crow counting teams surveyed 11,924 crows as they headed to their roost on the UW-Bothell campus. We had a great potluck with Linda's homemade bread and soup afterwards.
The preliminary tally shows 119 species vs the 10-year average of 123, and 34,224 individuals vs an average of 43k. Given our excellent coverage, we had no additional count week birds. The only unusual species were 2 Surfbirds on the Edmonds breakwater. Dabbling duck numbers were down as were crows. We had record high counts of Brant (169), Cackling Goose (169) Bufflehead (614), Pelagic Cormorant (69), Bushtit (721), Bewick's Wren (140), and Spotted Towhee (449). We record low counts of American Wigeon (218), Northern Pintail (5), and American Coot (20).
Final results and a more detailed analysis will be available on the Pilchuck Audubon wed site in a couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated.
Rick Taylor
Compiler, Audubon Christmas Bird Count
Pilchuck Audubon Society

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