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T. Stokes tlstokeslmp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 19:02:32 PST 2019

After a busy week and lots of rain/gloomy days, I headed out to look for
the Carnation carcass to hopefully find the tail end of any raptors
nibbling on the leftovers. There was a single immature bald eagle in the
tall deciduous tree, and walking down the road just a short distance I
could easily see the carcass skeleton by the barbed wire fence. All the
birds earlier in the week picked it clean. Turning to look the opposite
direction across the fields, another raptor flew silently right past me and
low over the field. I was guessing a northern harrier from its shape and
glide and the way it held its head. Later in looking at my photos I'm
wondering if it is a female northern harrier? There are three photos on


After leaving the immature bald eagle and carcass, I found a hawk perched
in a tree by a barn. Have no idea what type it is, and not a very clear
photo with branches and from that angle.


Saw one large hawk in a tree while driving, then hiked the Duval/Carnation
trail. Couldn't see it again from the trail.

Then checked out the huge bald eagle nest near Tolt Hill Rd and Hwy 203
near Carnation. Heard a faint eagle call, and then a single adult flew
over. Did not observe any nest-building that I was hoping for. There is a
small clump of branches in the crook of another tree a short distance away
so will return to see if they are building a new nest or using the old one
this coming year.

More photos in the Flicker album:


Happy Birding & Happy Holidays!

T.L. Stokes

Ames Lake
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