[Tweeters] 14 Bald Eagles near Sikes Lake in the Snoqualmie Valley

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 13:10:06 PST 2019

Dear Tweetsters - Hank Heiberg wrote of seeing 14 Bald Eagles near Sikes
Lake and discovered at least some were feeding on a large animal carcass.

On Monday, my  husband Randy Robinson and I were birding in the Samish
Flats area and came across more than 30 eagles, most hanging out in the
vicinity of a tree with a huge eagle's nest. We did not see any
carcasses, but it's entirely possible there was one somewhere. The tree
was not far from the Samish River, though we could not see the river
from our vantage point.

The spot from which we were viewing the tree was about 3/4 of the way up
the dead-end Sullivan Road off the Bayview-Edison Road. Here are
coordinates you can paste into Google maps:  48.537861, -122.455641

Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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