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I neglected to pass this on last week - RAWA passed out of committee! Stay tuned.... [Edited the below info just slightly for clarity and to delete the huge attachment file.]

May all your birds be identified,

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From: Naomi Edelson <edelsonn at nwf.org<mailto:edelsonn at nwf.org>>
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Subject: Recovering America's Wildlife Act Update: GREAT VOTE IN COMMITTEE

Friends of Wildlife Conservation:

We had an amazing BIPARTISAN vote out of the House Natural Resources Committee yesterday; it was 26-6. Rep. Dingell, our strong leader on the Democrat side and a member of this committee, spoke powerfully about the need for the bill and its wide ranging support on and off the Hill. Several other members spoke in favor of the bill including both Republicans and Democrats! Only a few spoke against it and solely on the cost grounds not on the need to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered, they agreed we should do that in a proactive manner. Two amendments were offered to strike the mandatory spending and they were defeated. There was an effort to do a voice vote but someone asked for a roll call where each member has to state their vote. So now we have a great record of who voted YES and who voted NO.
See below for our social media we would love you to share widely. It is very important members get credit for GOOD votes. Now if your Member of Congress [MOC] voted NO, you can share that information too. Some MOC simply left and are recorded as not voting, in some cases that was very helpful as that means they didn't vote NO! Much better for us and a signal they didn't want to do that. Others simply were not present because several important committees were also meeting and we heard one had a funeral. [Note: Washington has no members on this committee.]

So next step is simply to THANK those MOC supporting us. You can use the social media we started, do your own and tag them, go to their website and send them a thank you (you need to live in their district for this as they only allow those zipcodes), you could even send them a holiday card or postcard, or CALL their office. Everyone wants to be thanked and they truly did something remarkable for wildlife. Here's NWF social:


you can also share it this way:

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act passed out of committee earlier today on a strongly bipartisan vote - 26-6. Please share the fantastic news on social:
National Wildlife Federation tweet<https://twitter.com/NWF/status/1202677744305410053?s=20>
Action Fund tweet<https://twitter.com/wildlifeaction/status/1202663392361811969?s=20>, plus additional tweets here<https://twitter.com/wildlifeaction/status/1202663557667667968?s=20>, here<https://twitter.com/wildlifeaction/status/1202663655818584071?s=20> and here<https://twitter.com/wildlifeaction/status/1202683101656297474?s=20>
National Wildlife Federation Facebook post<https://www.facebook.com/NationalWildlife/posts/10157859182008987>
Action Fund Facebook post<https://www.facebook.com/wildlifeaction/posts/10157881138184828>

Read the release online<https://www.nwf.org/Latest-News/Press-Releases/2019/12-05-19-Recovering-Markup?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=RAWAwin_Recovering_PressRelease&utm_content=RAWAwin_Recovering_PressRelease_FB_12052019&utm_source=Facebook>.

And last, but really first and foremost a huge THANK YOU to all of you for helping this week and the many years leading up to this. A huge team effort for sure, and we are so grateful. I realized late yesterday, this is the first time a wildlife only bill advanced through the committee phase. In prior years it was always part of a larger conservation funding package. So congrats to all of us for our persistence!

We will be back next week with our next strategies to get this bill onto the House floor (we want 200 cosponsors, we have 159 now including two who got on yesterday, let's use this momentum to get more of them on the bill). And we working towards a Senate bill introduction in the new year. Congress is in town until December 20 so make your voices heard!

And please feel free to adapt and share this note under your name! Great news should be shared widely.

Your friend,


Naomi Edelson
Senior Director, Wildlife Partnerships, National Wildlife Federation
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edelsonn at nwf.org<mailto:edelsonn at nwf.org>
Uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis
avnacrs 4 birds at outlook dot com

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