[Tweeters] The First Day of a Group NOT Seeing the Mountain Plover

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Mon Dec 9 16:55:22 PST 2019

David and I made the drive to Griffiths-Priday SP, by stopping overnight at Aberdeen to have beer and pizza in our motel room watching the futility of the Seahawks game last night. The futility continued when 7 birders roamed the beach area looking for the Mountain Plover. 6 of us exchanged cell phone numbers after 4 of us walked the half-mile or so between the bridge and the river mouth, and we then split up to hang at one end or the other. David and I even cut over to the river and walked a good length of it. There were very few shorebirds to be seen on land, a few Semipalmated Sandpipers towards the humps and grass when we first got there, and 2 G Yellowlegs by the river. And a few score of Dunlins flew back and forth at the water’s edge, also early on. But from 8 a.m. to noon, no M Plover! In separate duos, 4 of the 6 walked a half mile a total of 3 times or so south of the pedestrian bridge where the bird was last reported seen yesterday afternoon--it was doornail dead.

Will be interested to hear if it shows up again, or maybe it has headed for California, where it probably belongs.
Penny Koyama, Bothell

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