[Tweeters] birding in Tucson over holidays

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 17:18:32 PST 2019

Hello Tweetsters - Whenever you are wanting to scope out the birding
opportunities in a particular area, one possibly useful tool is the
Birder's Dashboard.

If the place is in Washington, go to:

If elsewhere in the US or in Canada, go to:

(There are different URLs for each of the above if you are on a cell
phone. You can get those URLs by clicking on the "Versions" button,
which will open in a separate tab.)

Once you are at the dashboard, choose your state and/or county and then
click on "eBird hotspots."  This will produce a map of your selected
state or county with a mass of red teardrops. Use the plus sign on the
map to zoom in on your desired area. You can click on any of the tear
drops and you will be shown the recent sightings for that spot as well
as the person who saw them and the name of the place. Also, the teardrop
you clicked on will allow you to get directions to the spot.

This allows you to check out various places in the area you'll be visiting.

Jane Hadley

Seattle, Washington

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