[Tweeters] A rare birds in Washington birding day

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Fri Dec 6 10:36:10 PST 2019

Hello Tweeters,

Yesterday two friends and I drove out to the ocean to
Griffiths-Priday State Park where we found both the Mountain Plover and the
Glaucous Gull a little after8:30am without too much difficulty. The plover
was above the wrack line about 100 feet north of the signs prohibiting entry
with motorized vehicles into the Copalis Spit Natural Area. At the time it
was near a largish (10-20 birds) flock of Semi-palmated Plovers. Farther up
the beach, where Connor Creek empties into the ocean, there was an
interesting group of gulls, including Herring Gulls and Iceland Gulls, and
one large, whitish Glaucous Gull.

When we had satisfied our longings to see the Mountain
Plover and Glaucous Gull, we moved on to the Pt. Brown Jetty, where, just
after high tide, there was a large group of about 20 Black Turnstone, 15
Surfbirds and maybe 2 Rock Sandpipers. The Rock Sandpipers seemed to be the
least likely to spend much time away from the crevasses in the rocks where
they were feeding, but we got fleeting glimpses of them.

Then, because the day was still young, got back in our car
and drove to the mouth of the Cedar River in Renton, where another birder
was already looking at the Lesser Black-backed Gull that has been on the
sandbar there for over 2 weeks now. We were all pleased as the plover and
LBBG were new state birds for the group.

Happy birding, Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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