[Tweeters] Bird feeder cam

Jill Freidberg jill.freidberg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 09:20:59 PST 2019

Hi all

Looking for recommendations.

My low-tech mother has repeatedly expressed a desire to have a camera mounted near her backyard bird bath/feeder. She’d like it to record photos and video. I think she wants one that could transmit to her laptop via wireless, but that might be unrealistic given the distance from the router to the feeder. So the next best option would be for it to record to an SD card. In my searches I’m seeing a lot of cameras that require a cell plan to send images to a device. We don’t want that. Or I’m seeing cameras designed for hunters who don’t really care about image quality or resolution. Can anyone recommend a user-friendly camera (that you’ve actually used) that can withstand the outdoors, take photo and video of birds at the feeder, and record to SD and/or transmit via wireless?


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