[Tweeters] I'm being used by the local hawk as a game flusher

john dantoni dantonijohn at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 5 13:05:57 PST 2019

Hi Tweeters!Yesterday I was walking my two dogs around an old overgrown apple orchard here in Malaga, outside of Wenatchee.  I usually see a lot of quail here so I wasn't surprised to see a large covey walking away from us in the brush under the trees.    Suddenly a big hawk came over a small hill very near us on the edge of the orchard, saw us, and flew off.  Today the dogs and I were in the same spot near another large covey when the hawk appeared again and perched close by on a tall irrigation sprinkler.   I walked into the orchard, the quail flushed and the hawk took off across from us after one of them.  The hawk went out of view quickly over the trees and down the hill after the quail.  I saw a hawk perched on a telephone pole with no food shortly after that, not sure if it was the same one but tomorrow will be interesting to see if the hawk appears again. 
Best,John D'AntoniMalaga, WA
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