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AnthonyG. birds at ocbirds.com
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Depending on your email program (be it a web browser where you access your gmail account, Outlook, K-9 or some other application), create a White List aka Safe Sender’s list. If unsure, this should be in the Help Menu of the email software you are currently using.

Then add this email address to the White List aka Safe Sender’s list filter: tweeters at u.washington.edu .

Further if you wish to let All emails from UW pass through without exception then add the domain: @u.washington.edu

there are special instructions on adding a domain such as *.u.washington.edu. (note the wildcard asterisk). The string must be accurate or the filter will not be successful.

This will allow any emails from this domain to pass through without interruption.

As an additional assurance I might suggest adding 1 more filter whereby the Subject title contains with the brackets exactly: [Tweeters]

This is in addition to the White List/Safe Sender’s List filter though this particular instance should be an Email Filter by Subject matter or some similar topic.

Again this depends on your Software Application as above

Hope this helps.

Anthony G.

Camano Island

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Sorry to post to the list about this - how do I stop email bouncing to my gmail account? Can an admin help? I keep missing posts, and it's super aggravating when it's a rare bird.



Ps. RIP Ross's Gull.

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