[Tweeters] Mail STILL going to spam, after a year of trying to fix it

Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
Mon Dec 2 09:25:21 PST 2019

Some other groups I am in have finally moved from older listservs and/or Yahoo (because it is slowly going under - they have discontinued all support for files and graphics and retained only the barebones mailing lists. I think it is only a matter of time before it disappears altogether).

Some of my groups are going to Discord – which is really interesting because it allows video, images, and also has voice-chat channels. You can separate messages into different channels by topic and be notified of any new messages in key channels you select (such as Rare Bird Alert) on your phone or computer. Seems handy for real-time sightings. And it’s free. Started out as a gaming app but I am increasingly seeing alumni groups and general interest groups there because of its features. And it doesn’t clutter up your e-mail – if you’re only interested in certain things, you only need to look at those channels – and you can tell instantly if there’s anything new there.

Aside from the rare bird alert feature, you could do things like have a section of channels for the weekly birding reports from individual locations (so all would be in one place for each location), channels for asking basic bird questions, yard bird sightings, migration reports, difficult IDs, far-away trip reports, general chat, etc. Each person could choose to be notified of new messages (visually or audibly) for any channel they wish, and could visit on their own time while keeping their e-mail clear.

Just an option to consider – I love tweeters but sometimes miss the ability to interact with it in a more organized and visual way.

Teresa Michelsen
Port Townsend, WA

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Nadines request for help with bouncing email has prompted me to again, wonder how I can get my yahoo accounts from tweeters to stay out of spam. I’ve been moving and marking as not spam for over a stinking year now, and it still ends up there. My biggest issue is once moving them, I still cannot open links, like Ed Newbolds today with his photos.
I doubt anyone actually has an answer to this. I’ve done what was suggested. And I get individual emails, not group digest. That makes no difference at this point.
Any new ideas, I would appreciate. But I would love to be open those links that’s all. This is the time of year I really want all the info up front. I still cannot find the original email about the Mountain Plover, but Scott Downes was kind enough to send That to me.
Have a great week!
Vicki Biltz
Buckley Wa 98321
vickibiltz at gmail.com<mailto:vickibiltz at gmail.com>

Happy for all those blessed folks that got to love on the Ross Gull before tragedy struck. That’s sure a different way to spend end of this season of Thanksgiving.


vickibiltz at gmail.com<mailto:vickibiltz at gmail.com>

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