[Tweeters] M Street Marsh Lark Sparrow

garrettwhaynes at me.com garrettwhaynes at me.com
Tue Apr 30 14:13:56 PDT 2019

Hello Tweets,
I am pretty certain I found a Lark Sparrow at the M Street Marsh in Auburn this morning. I went there looking for the Yellow Headed Blackbird (no luck) and luckily saw this bird instead. It was in the first field out in the middle near some robins. I was scoping another potentially interesting bird when it flew right into the middle of my scope view. It was a large Sparrow type bird with a large central breast spot. It had some unusual behavior though when at one point it ran along the ground for about five feet which I am not used to seeing sparrows doing. It was mostly backlit so I couldn’t see the head very well, but with the breast spot and it’s size a Lark sparrow seems to be the only bird that fits the description.
Email me or reply to this post if you re-find it!
Garrett HaynesAuburn, WA

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