[Tweeters] Juanita Bay sampling

Dennis Moore dennisdmoore at comcast.net
Sun Apr 28 19:50:42 PDT 2019

I have the distinct pleasure of living near J-Bay.  As an active person
my visits are often flitting.  I'm the guy with the monocular.

The Corps of Eng is keeping the Lake WA water levels quite high which
reduces the amount of shore birds.

This day we had a good raft of ring necked.  Gone by late afternoon. 
Still some Buffles hanging out.  A few pairs of pie-billed are setting
up camp.  The ubiquitous Woodies must be sitting on eggs cause they are
low profile.  The DC cormorants have filled their bellies and moved to
nesting areas.  Last week there were still many roosting along the lower
Sammamish.  Wonder what those are eating.  No eagles.  No osprey. 
Reduced GBHE.

New beaver lodge at the mouth of Forbes Creek.  Lots of woodworking
going on.  Sounds like American workers.  No rest. No vacation.

Up Forbes Creek to the Crestwoods Area there is a large area of mature
forest.  It is increasingly threatened by development.  A multi-storied
woodland that hosts the full array of native flora and the occasional
faun.  The Barred owl nest cavity is again occupied with the female easy
to see but hard to spot.  The vertical breaks of the tree bark almost
perfectly aligning with the markings on the owl.  Soon there will be a
chick or two resembling a Furbee.  I'm not sharing the location.  If you
find it do the same.  These birds don't need a photo scrum interrupting
their fragile endeavor.

I bet Jetty Island is hot this week.  Good tides and timing.

Get out and do something other than drive 100's of miles for a couple of
birds.  Insane.

Dennis Moore

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