[Tweeters] Sping birds??

Jon Houghton jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com
Sun Apr 28 11:28:27 PDT 2019

Hi Tweets - I've been looking hard for spring birds in my yard for weeks now but I'm afraid I have no new arrivals other than flyovers by things like Caspian Terns, and love-crazed Mallards. What is springy is the numbers and behaviors of our winter friends. Bushtits are nesting in a dangling Doug fir branch and we're pretty sure that Song Sparrows, Juncos, Crows, Robins, House Finches, Chickadees (both spp.), and Bewick's Wrens are nesting in the borders or taller trees. Hummingbirds have become generally scarce. Most surprising though, is that our winter Zonos continue to visit the seed feeder; albeit in much gaudier plumages. A White-crowned, absent for the winter, now frequently joins the Golden- crowned and White- throated that have been here since October. Having only had infrequent 1 or 2 day visits from the WTSP over many years, it's been a nice treat to have them around for so long! Anyone else out there had such faithful WT? We're now down to two, a white and a tan stripped, perhaps a mated pair?? Happy Birding - Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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