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In going over things for court on Monday I checked the DOH page for QAW. The contact number for Drew Noble is not longer on the General Information page which makes me think Noble is no longer 'receiver' or managing the system. It shows the company address but no Primary Contact phone number. It shows them as SMA but it's hard to be an SMA if no one can call them.

On the Water Facilities Inventory (WFI) Form it again shows Noble as manager but lists no phone numbers under item 9, 24 Hour Primary Contact Info. It lists Gerard Fitzpatrick et us as owner and gives two numbers (daytime and cell) and no email address.

As to 'overseer', why would an 'overseer' be cheaper? You need a licensed and certified person to run the water system per DOH rules. Whether GF is still certified as a water treatment operator or not I don't know. Hard to travel to the required training if you have all the medical problems he claims to have. Those classes cost money so where is that coming from? An 'overseer' is very different that a water system operator/manager.

He claims the 3PBC clause giving users rights to contest charges and rate increases is 'onerus'. Yet in the letter that came in our bills in Feb. 2019 he requests under the 3PBC that 'we proceed to arbitration' if we don't want to voluntarily pay the increased amount he wants ($47.00/month). In that letter he states 'the process is too long and will not help the system run'. He also says 'we can hire arbitrators to make the decision now'. Apparently he either doesn't realize arbitration will take as much time with or without the time line in the 3PBC. That or he has grandiose ideas that a non-biased arbitrator will side with him automatically. In the motion papers file for this hearing he mentions both sides submitting position papers on what a proper monthly assessment would be and that could be set by the Court. I think their side needs to be required to show every receipt and/or invoice to justify the numbers they have on their P/L statements which are 3 years out of date.

He goes on to say he is still paying Drew Noble to 'oversee the operation and maintenance of the equipment'. However on the WFI form, which was updated 1/20/19, it does not list a phone number for Noble or H2O Water Management.

See most of you all in court on Monday. Enjoy the weekend if you can.

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