[Tweeters] Birding/Photography in PuertoRico/Hispanola/Jamaica

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Dear Paul
Unless you are looking for a lot of environmental shots involving
rain, the best time to go to the Greater Antilles is not the rainy
season July-December. There are often great windows of nice weather
for a day or two and definitely good times most mornings before the
rain starts at 9 AM. There is also a chance that a hurricane could
pin you down in your hotel for several days in a row.
But for most bird species' activity and definitely for weather,
late January to April are best. There are migrant birds as well at that time.

In Puerto Rico, best birding is in the southwest. I can email you a
detailed birding itinerary for SW PR. It is also on my smartphone app
for Puerto Rico birds (at the moment just on iOS, but we are working
on an Android version). If you prefer a book, my English language
book of birds of PR has suggestions for sites for specific
species. (http://puertoricobirds.com/, note that the English
language book on my website is the third edition which came with a
CD-rom but is now out of print. The current 4th edition just came out
and does not have the CD-rom but the iOS app has all the info that
was on the CD-rom)
Raffaele's birds of the W Indies was the best overall book for all
islands. But that is decades old. My new book for all birds of the W
Indies has a lot more detail and should be published this summer:
Contact me off the list for more details.

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>I am considering a photography trip to Puerto Rico and and looking to learn

>from your experiences.


>I am looking to do a photography trip rather than a listing type of trip.

>Would any of you recommend:


>A good photography/birding guide?

>Place(s) to stay?

>Best time to go?


>I am also looking at future trips to the island of Hispanola and Jamaica

>and welcome information on any of these.


>Thanks in advance for any info!




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