[Tweeters] Birding Northeast Tacoma on Tuesday

Al n Donna alndonna at wamail.net
Wed Apr 24 22:27:22 PDT 2019

It was a nice day to hunt for early shorebirds in Northeast Tacoma.

>From highway 509, I turned west on 11th street. I stopped at the Hylebos bridge, northeast corner, found low tide and lots of mud but no birds. I crossed the bridge, turned right on Alexander, followed the yellow centerline. At the gate to the US Army facility, I turned left. I parked just west of the blue cargo container, but before the “no parking” sign. With a low tide there is lots of gravel and no mud. The only birds here were a dozen happy Wigeons.

I retraced my way back to 509, turned left, drove 509 4.3 miles, turned left on Markham Ave, which took me down to the Dash Point county park and pier. Finally some birds.
38 Buffleheads
42 Surf Scoters (no White Winged)
4 Common Goldeneyes
1 Horned Grebe
4 Bonaparte’s Gulls
And 2 MARBLED MURRELETS, quite close to the pier.

The Horned Grebe and the Bony’s were wearing their breeding garb.

My Murrelet picture is at

Al in Tacoma

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