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Hi there,

Please watch out for auxiliary color bands on area Common Loons. We have resident loons (a state listed species) banded for individual identification (along with standard federal metal band).

Any sightings (even if you are certain they have bands but not certain of color combination) - please feel free to email me or report via WDFW "Report Wildlife Observations":


We can't follow these animals ourselves - it takes a village ;)

I GREATLY appreciate observations and the greater efforts of all.

More information on WA Common Loons:


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There have been Common Loons on Lake Sammamish in the mornings lately. I heard one yodel at around 9am on Saturday. <shiver!> - it was enchanting - well, that is, until a speedboat scared him off.

Listen out for them, especially in the evening and mornings.

These pics were taken from Lake Samm SP on saturday and today around 9am.
They were just around the buoy ring so they are not too far out.


May the birds be with you.

- A common loon in Issaquah


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