[Tweeters] Yost Memorial Park - Edmonds

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Mon Apr 22 16:52:30 PDT 2019

Spent an hour there this afternoon in gray skies.  Black Throated Gray Warblers are in (3 or 4 - one visual and at least two more heard).  There were also at least two Townsend's Warblers and an Orange Crowned Warbler.  Had a brief visual and heard call from a Hammond's Flycatcher.  A fun aside.  A woman (who belongs to Pilchuck Audubon) was walking her dog (on leash) and came up to me as I was listening to Townsend's Warblers.  She asked if I ever saw Brown Creepers.  At the instant she said "Brown Creeper" one appeared on a tree not more than 20 feet away.  I wish she had asked if I ever saw something more exotic and had the same success.
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