[Tweeters] Sage Thrasher at Union Bay Natural Area

Mark Oberle oberle at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 20 20:25:11 PDT 2019



>I uploaded a sighting of Sage Thrasher at the Montlake Fill to eBird

>but not sure when it will pass muster with the eBird editors.

>A dozen Scouts on our field trip were able to get good scope views.

>The bird seen initially by the other co-leader, Stephen Kaluzny. It

>was running back and forth on ground in new shrub plantings between

>the peninsula that juts into Lake Washington and the small pond

>filled with tall reads to the west that is close to the lake. It ran

>multiple times around 10 feet or so then paused to peck at

>something. Eventually it flew up onto a pile of dead logs or tree

>roots and later into the shrubs toward the peninsula where it paused

>with food and gave good scope views. It was in pretty standard Sage

>Thrasher plumage with prominently streaked undersides, white

>throat and dark whisker. Eye was a little more orange than I am

>used to seeing in Sage Thrasher.


Mark Oberle
Port Orchard, Washington
oberle at mindspring.com

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