[Tweeters] Edmonds Waterfront Bluebird

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 14:56:03 PDT 2019

Thanks so much to Eric Kowalczyk for his quick post of the bluebird at Brackett’s Landing North. Viewing conditions were very dark this morning due to rain and low cloud cover. All I could confirm when I saw it was that it was a female bluebird. I took and reviewed many photos and shared some with other local birders. We all are of the opinion that it is a Mountain Bluebird and that is how I have listed it in the attached eBird checklist. Click on each thumbnail photo to enlarge it.


We will see what the eBird reviewers conclude. Assuming this is a Mountain Bluebird, it is the second reported Mountain Bluebird in Edmonds. The first was almost in the same location, but seen from above on Sunset Avenue, in 1999.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, WA

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