[Tweeters] Lesvos birding tour

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Mon Apr 15 14:36:29 PDT 2019

Hello all,

Netta and I have decided to go on a birding tour to the island of Lesvos, a Greek island in the eastern Mediterranean just off Turkey, in April 2020. I’ve been leading dragonfly-oriented nature tours to Central America with Steve Bird of Sunrise Birding, and he’s been telling me for some time how much I would love Lesvos during spring migration. Well, he finally convinced me, and we’re signing up for the tour. I’ve done less birding in Europe than any other continent (including Antarctica), so it’s full of birds I’ve never seen and would very much like to photograph. Also, the spectacle of migration really excites me, and apparently it can be spectacular there. And it would be great to have friends from the PNW along.


If anyone might be interested or definitely plans to go on this tour, please let me know! I was just told that there are only 8 spaces on the tour and that it might fill up fairly quickly now that it has been advertised.


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