[Tweeters] Ospreys nesting in Cle Elum

kelsberg kelsberg at uw.edu
Sun Apr 14 13:55:11 PDT 2019

I led a small group of birders through Kititas County last Sunday and encountered several pairs of Ospreys building nests on the platforms in Cle Elum. They fished the “railway ponds” near the hatchery.

Bullfrog Ponds area was still snow-covered and had few birds (a Pileated pair was active, plus some Song Sparrows and “singing” Red-winged Blackbirds).

Tree and Violet-green Swallows flew along the river beside Hwy 10, but we dipped on Dippers at the “dipper bridge”.

We saw several Great-horned Owls on nests, easily seen with no leaves yet obscuring.

Lots of raptors in the Ellensburg valley (Red-tailed Hawks predominant but several harriers, kestrels, eagles, and one Sharp-shinned Hawk).

Prettiest bird of the day was a freshly plumaged male Mountain Bluebird.

We went up Green Canyon Road about half way to the top but the snow was too deep for my Subaru (and there no tracks beyond that point).

Gary Kelsberg
kelsberg at u dot washington dot edu

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