[Tweeters] Tangled adult Bald Eagle at Jack Block Park, Alki

Simone zingie at aol.com
Fri Apr 12 19:57:21 PDT 2019

Hi Tweets,
Hope this is ok to post here. I just received a call from PAWS about a tangled Bald Eagle tonight (Friday) at Jack Block Park at Alki. I spoke to the woman who saw the bird and called PAWS and she reports 6+ feet of fishing line dragging from the bird. The bird was able to fly (with some difficulty) and we sent someone down to look for it but no luck. I wanted to give Tweeters a heads up if anyone is in the area tomorrow to call PAWS if they see it and perhaps we can get someone to help the bird get untangled. I imagine it will lose condition quickly with that much fishing line tangled and someone may be able to secure it.
Thanks in advance fellow bird lovers!
Simone CookSeattle, WAzingie at aol.com
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