[Tweeters] Best place to repair Kowa scope

Martin Muller martinmuller at msn.com
Fri Apr 12 17:05:54 PDT 2019

Bud, Tweeters,

After pretty heavy use my 21 years and 3 months-old KOWA scope’s prism came loose.
I contacted KOWA (see: https://sportingoptics.kowa-usa.com/content/17-limited-lifetime-warranty) and sent it in for repair.
For about $ 130 the scope came back like new. Not only was the prims fastened, they got rid of all the dents and scratches (body, not the lenses, those were fine). I was extremely satisfied.

The only drawback was the turn around time. They told me eight weeks. I think it was actually a little over six.
That was in April a few years ago. April without a scope. That didn’t happen. I bought a new one (my, how technology advance in 21+ years!). But the reconditioned KOWA went to a good home. I still encounter it regularly in the field.

Martin Muller, Seattle

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