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Fri Apr 12 09:09:28 PDT 2019

Short answer....yes! On the beach there are gathering flocks of
sanderlings, dunlin, marbled godwits in fairly large numbers here in
Ocean Shores, increasing by the day. I was unable to positively I.D.
Western Sandpipers in any numbers but saw the beginnings of
black-bellied plovers gathering too. This was on Sunday, the 7th. A
friend of mine was out at the Oyhut Wildlife Area on Saturday the 6th
and saw Westerns out there but didn't specify numbers.

With the clam tides, fairly decent weather and spring break it has been
a busy couple of weeks out here, so lots more traffic (incl. dogs and
kids!) on the sand than "normal", so I avoid the beach more often than
not during this period. Keep in mind the areas where one can drive on
the beach are curtailed beginning April 15th.

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores

On 2019-04-11 11:02 pm, J Christian Kessler wrote:

> does anyone have recent reports on shorebirds (plovers & pipers) along this stretch of coast? tides look good for this weekend, but are there migrants feeding there now?


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