[Tweeters] snow goose is where?

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 21:07:27 PDT 2019

As I drove onto the main street to my house (urban setting near Mill Creek)
I encountered an adult snow goose standing in the road. This was absolutely
not normal and no snow goose habitat is to be found for miles around.
Somehow it survived the night in a neighbors yard, apparently went for a
walk to find water and was back in her yard when I checked again at about
4:30 pm.
We decided to see if it could fly so chased it a little and yes, it
could fly but not very well. Went into the road and up the street a few
blocks opting to land in the road. We followed in my car, got above it and
it weakly flew back, landing in the road again. At this point, I knew we
could catch it, but needed help. The goose walked into a side ditch and
hunkered down. I opened the side door of my car and sent my well trained
wildlife working dog, Moss, to make the final capture. He had the bird
within seconds.
It is emaciated, weak and it is not know what is wrong. It was
certainly far from where it should be. I took it to PAWS Wildlife Rehab
Center. It does not appear likely it will survive, but knowing something
more about its state of health may be helpful.
Has anyone else encountered geese who may just drop out of migration
into some odd place?

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA
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