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Tweets – Today was yet another day when paying little attention to the gloom and doom weather report paid off. We were pretty much precipitation-free for all but the Rowing Club, with just a few sprinkles beforehand. It turned out to be a nice, if overcast day, and the birds were fairly cooperative. Lots of new birds for the year for us.

a.. Cackling Goose – still had several hundred fly by right around sunrise. Getting late for them
b.. Common Goldeneye – at least 5; they should be heading out soon
c.. Great Blue Heron – maybe it was just the weather, but adults seemed to be sitting in the nests today for the first time this year. Eggs?
d.. Five woodpecker day – Again
e.. MERLIN – one flyby heading towards the mansion area
f.. NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW – at least one seen from the Lake Platform amongst hundreds of Violet-greens – New for 2019
g.. Bushtit – we now know of two nests
h.. MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD – female in southern part of the East Meadow – probably the same bird reported on 4/9 and 4/10 – New for our 2019 list
i.. AMERICAN PIPIT – probably at least a couple of birds, in flight. New for our 2019 list, though one was photographed back in February in the park
j.. Western Meadowlark – five in East Meadow
k.. ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER – at least a couple, singing. New for our 2019 list
l.. Common Yellowthroat – back in numbers now, though still waiting to see a female
In the afternoon, I needed to return to the park for a meeting about future surveys of Marymoor West. Highlight for me was hearing at least one CALIFORNIA QUAIL near the Rowing Club parking lot.

Lots of singing today – 21 species heard.

The only real miss today was Rock Pigeon, but while we had 68 species today (counting my afternoon quail), Week 15 has the 3rd-best cumulative species list for any week of the year. Only Week 16 and Week 18 have higher. So we had 68 out of the 133 ever seen for this week. Our highest total of the year, but our 3rd lowest percentage. :)

We’re up to 98 species for the year. A few additional species have been reported by others on eBird.

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