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In late February, Seattle Audubon led a birding trip to Colombia, the
latest in a series of trips run by the group. 12 folks, all from the
Seattle area, participated in a guided excursion in the central Andean
region, covering a variety of habitats from 1500 ft to over 13,000 feet in
elevation (which left us panting!). Several in the group opted to extend
the trip beyond the original 8 days, including visits to the Llanos and to
the mountains near Bogota. As a group, we saw, or heard, about 350 species
of birds. Personally, I experienced 150 life birds.

After wading through hundreds of images (many were discarded of course!),
I have put together an album of photos:
Some of the birds were skulkers, hiding in the deep brush, while some
never came close enough for good photography and the images reflect those
challenges. But, some of them turned out well. In either case, the variety
of birds, many in families which do not even exist in our neck of the
woods, was astounding and will provide a lifetime of memories.

In addition, I was able to capture a few videos, a playlist of which can
be found here:

Hope you enjoy.
Scott Ramos

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