[Tweeters] arboretum raven (Seattle)

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Tue Apr 9 08:20:29 PDT 2019

Hi, all,

There seems to be an increase in raven sightings around Seattle. Maybe the offspring of recent city pairs (or the sources of those pairs) are prospecting for homes. Yesterday afternoon in Washington Park Arboretum, I heard a Barred Owl calling. Moving toward it, I heard a squawk I didn't recognize, between the owl and me. It called again, then finally gave a more characteristic raven croak. I found it halfway up a maple over the trail. Then I found the owl, seemingly staring at the raven and hooting from a nearby tree, so perhaps I have the raven to thank for seeing the owl. The raven flew off northwest, and the owl continued calling for awhile. I didn't see the raven again, but I did hear it calling from a distance for several minutes.

Earlier, I'd seen one Turkey Vulture soaring north. I had a Cooper's Hawk circling high (probably local), but then an Accipiter moving north that may have been a Sharp-shinned. I'd thought I missed another hawk, so there may have been some raptor movement before the rain came (discounting the various eagles). All the swallows I could check were Violet-green. Cherries, magnolias.

Of 8 April, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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