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Bill Thompson III 1962-2019
I was saddened to learn that Bill Thompson III died March 25th of pancreatic cancer. Bill was the co-publisher and editor of
Bird Watcher's Digest magazine <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LI4hWK2eOrCvexu5LAm6ldEDsjTgUklE7ibseAu7BmKPlpAUL4ysscm476UAVE3LXIwUJwYaQ2F1z5vFAxC4oJzHALC1gL3JKPdJVxhxoiJgGbFitg7MLbULUpwMg_Cmp6yq00mFSLPRwHKLf53GnbUCoMXUDLH1jZartqHibzGs3O-DwqbXVoiOUxxbQkPZ090tiN5fPOU=&c=YyXa7nSyLPk5iwY7o7u8OcEMm3YgLUU9U8yGCNGenksBbxy1syWl7g==&ch=s2LyNnc-tubg072fDU887PIk-zkMIprwL7xCrRcAPXSonl-1LqpLog==>. My wife Roz and I knew the entire Thompson family, running into them often at bird trade shows and conventions over the past 25 years. They are a remarkable family - and they were even crazy enough to published two of my articles in BWD.
Bill's mother Elsa and I served together on the board of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LI4hWK2eOrCvexu5LAm6ldEDsjTgUklE7ibseAu7BmKPlpAUL4ysscm476UAVE3LigCnnsD_kngAiqijmknHpqNptqCJY6Fuo5-3FzphzGW0Vjd1dthLia-bGed2tZOmeu-bKOca5C6kT4LuKdgEnnu0sRupcDsC&c=YyXa7nSyLPk5iwY7o7u8OcEMm3YgLUU9U8yGCNGenksBbxy1syWl7g==&ch=s2LyNnc-tubg072fDU887PIk-zkMIprwL7xCrRcAPXSonl-1LqpLog==> and we welcomed Elsa and her husband William, Jr. into our home for a winter meeting of the board about ten years ago. Bill III and his brother Andy were always fascinating to listen to during lulls at trade shows or whenever I visited the BWD corporate headquarters in Marietta, Ohio.
Bill III, married to artist Julie Zickefoose, was a prolific author and wrote Bird Watching for Dummies around 1997. He went on to write The Young Birder's Guide to Birds of North America (part of the Peterson Field Guide Series), Identifying and Feeding Birds, Bird Homes and Habitats, and ( with Roger Tory Peterson ), All Things Reconsidered: My Birding Adventures. He also had a very entertaining podcast about birds and birding adventures. In addition, he was a marvelous musician.
It is very strange to be writing this about Bill - it seems like I just wrote about his dad passing <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LI4hWK2eOrCvexu5LAm6ldEDsjTgUklE7ibseAu7BmKPlpAUL4ysscm476UAVE3LTE1AIFvWCbJOAoVPw51hpWmQVqvi1P1vpzXHZAqNLdXwRwzg9shKlqZSH3z4w-c_wXjH8pDbo_ry8jylka0Z2Dun81n2fx6j2dmPpJv4HoLT54yceHOxLgD-iPWH5N0UajLuiLQf3cuYFtuJNdoOuxpBbytme75eHH09K-sIMWGLLNVRXqPOdA==&c=YyXa7nSyLPk5iwY7o7u8OcEMm3YgLUU9U8yGCNGenksBbxy1syWl7g==&ch=s2LyNnc-tubg072fDU887PIk-zkMIprwL7xCrRcAPXSonl-1LqpLog==> a few years ago.

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