[Tweeters] FOY Orange-crowned Warbler and other spring sightings

Tucker, Trileigh TRI at seattleu.edu
Thu Apr 4 15:54:54 PDT 2019

Hi Tweets,

Well, I checked into Tweeters, all ready to post my own FOY Orange-crowned Warbler, then I saw Ed beat me to it! All the same, I was thrilled to hear him in Lincoln Park (West Seattle) this morning. Those sneaky little ones are hard to find, much less photograph, in the budding Bigleaf Maples where they like to forage. But now that they’re here, hopefully having more of them will make that easier.

In other seasonal news, I’m enjoying observing a flicker and a nuthatch pair work at nesting in the same tree, with openings maybe 18” vertically apart and on opposite sides of the trunk. I’m hoping they’ll both settle in – should be interesting!

And both a Black-capped Chickadee and a Bewick’s Wren have been checking out my new nest box. At one point the Bewick’s ran the chickadee off, but I think the chickadees might win this one.

Oh – and I sure thought I heard a FOY Pacific-slope Flycatcher in my yard a couple of days ago. Haven’t heard or seen one since, so can’t confirm.

Good birding to all,

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Trileigh Tucker
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Hi all,

Delia had our first-of-year Orange-crowned Warbler at Butyl Creek, coming in three times for baths in quick succession, deploying it's glamorous crown feathers in the process, during the last half-hour.

Happy birding,

Residential Beacon Hill, Butyl Creek is an artificial recirculating creek.

Ed Newbold (and Delia Scholes)
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