[Tweeters] Snow Geese in Othello

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Thu Apr 4 11:10:03 PDT 2019

On Sunday, 31 March, Mike Donohue, Douglas Marshall, and I went in search of
Sandhill Cranes in the Royal City area. We drove south on Corfu road and
headed west on Lower Crab Creek Road. From up there, we did see a nice
flock of cranes along the creek, but, to our great surprise, we also saw a
huge flock of Snow Geese in a green field. It looked like there were about
10,000 geese, with a few hundred Canada-type Geese, probably Cackling, at
one end of the flock. We watched as an eagle flushed the geese and then the

These Snow Geese seem unlikely to be from the population that winters on the
Skagit. Are they from the population that winters in Central California?
Where are they going?

Rachel Lawson


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