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Mon Apr 1 09:39:11 PDT 2019

I am not sure why people continue to think that personal politics have a place on a birding forum. I realize this is intended to be an April Fool’s joke but not only is it not funny or appropriate, but it is also so completely contradictory and hypocritical that it is almost absurd. With its patronizing and haughty language, this is supposedly a joke about the Mexican border policies of our President but viewing it from the perspective of an Association named The AMERICAN Birding Association (not the World or even North American Birding Association), where a group of people use a political map to delineate what gets to COUNT on our ABA list… this is EXACTLY the same practices you are complaining about in your satiric post. Except for the fact that birds have wings and can’t read maps. This may not be the pot “calling" the kettle black, but the pot is definitely attempting to joke about the color of the kettle.

Mitchell Von Rotz
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