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Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 21:18:04 PDT 2018

Dear Tweeters,
Today (the last day of September) there was a different-looking hummingbird at my feeder, with the usual Anna's Hummingbirds. The odd hummer was markedly smaller than the Anna's Hummingbirds near it. I was able to take a few bad photos during the five minutes that the bird was here. An Anna's Hummingbird flew near it, and the little hummer flew off, not to be seen again.
The odd hummer was tiny compared to all of the Anna's. Its tail looked short and white-tipped; the wings reached to about the tip of the tail. On all of the Anna's, the tail extends quite a ways past the wingtips. There was some white behind the eye of the tiny hummingbird. I could not detect the white "eyebrow" that female Costa's Hummingbirds are supposed to show--but I have no experience with female Costa's Hummingbirds anyway. 
Both Calliope, and especially Costa's, would be rare in Skagit County at any season, and more so this time of year. My best guess on the ID would be a female or immature Calliope Hummingbird. 
I put the best of the bad photos on my eBird checklist. Probably the easiest way to search for them on eBird would be by this process:
--Explore Data;
--Species Maps (search for hummingbird species in Skagit County for current year);
--click on the orange pinpoint that appears roughly midway between Sedro-Woolley and Concrete.
--et voila.
Beyond that, I would add that there were two Lapland Longspurs at Jensen Access today, and there were four at the West Ninety yesterday. This is a good time to search for them in safety and quietude, before the annual waterfowl slaughter begins.
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch
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