[Tweeters] Palm Warblers at Neah Bay

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Sun Sep 30 12:58:56 PDT 2018

Hello tweets,

Clearly I’m incompetent when it comes to sending rare bird reports from my phone. What I typed in apparently was treated as an attachment, and of course tweeters rejected it. What I wrote, in case anyone is going to be in the area soon, was this:

"Netta and I photographed two Palm Warblers at Neah Bay today just west of Calvin’s Crab shop at the west end of town. In grass and shrubs on the upper beach opposite the house with the big 12 in the window.”

They could well be elsewhere by now, but Palm Warblers do winter here. They never stopped wagging their tails as they foraged in and out of the vegetation.

Dennis Paulson

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