[Tweeters] Feather lost?-So no attachment to tighten—Re: A screw loose?

Marcia Ian gnudle at icloud.com
Sat Sep 29 19:03:55 PDT 2018

Hi Dan,
I’ve never heard this startling sound before, either from the hummingbirds here or on the East Coast where I used to live, but what you say makes sense. I didn’t get a close enough view to check out his feathers. If I hear him putt putt putting again I’ll see what I can see.

Marcia Ian

> On Sep 29, 2018, at 4:45 PM, Dan Reiff, PhD <dan.owl.reiff at gmail.com> wrote:


> Hello Marcia,

> One possibly is that it has molted a large wing feather. We have heard this very noticeable and different than usual sound each year and found it to to be a missing wing. It always surprises me when I first hear it.

> We have several Anna’s year around at our feeders. They are currently also feeding on sap from fresh Sapsucker wells on our birch tree, beginning eight days ago.

> Dan Reiff

> MI


>> On Sep 29, 2018, at 3:58 PM, Marcia Ian <gnudle at icloud.com> wrote:


>> One of the Anna’s hummingbirds at our feeder yesterday made a strange clacking sound in flight, resembling the sound made by a playing card inserted into the spokes of a kid’s bike for the purpose. Any thoughts as to what might be the cause?


>> Marcia Ian

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