[Tweeters] New tool: Seasonal Abundance one-sheets for WA birds - available on WOS website

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 25 05:32:57 PDT 2018

Hi all -
A great new tool is available now on the WOS website. Seasonal abundance charts for the common birds of WA.
http://wos.org/documents/Occurrence/ <http://wos.org/documents/Occurrence/>

Marv Breece put these together to help him in his birding, and now they are available for all.

What are they?
The idea behind this project was to come up with a quick reference to know which species are likely to be moving through the state at any given point. Ever been out looking at shorebirds in the fall and wondered “Is it too early to be thinking of Baird’s Sandpiper?” Or wondered if it was time for Yellow Warblers to return in the Spring? If so, then these sheets might be helpful.

The goal was originally paper-based — a series of one-page handouts that can be brought along in the field. We’ve also gone ahead and formatted them for viewing on the web as well though.

How they are organized:
To stick with the goal of single-page print outs, we’ve organized the regular birds of WA into 9 separate groups, each of which fits on a single printed sheet. Then, for each grouping, Marv created charts for Spring and Fall migration, separately divided for Eastern and Western WA. So, each group has 4 pages.
Pull up the shorebirds page, and you can see that Baird’s Sandpiper becomes more common in the first week of August in Eastern WA, and in the 2nd week of August in Western WA.

If you want a paper-formatted version, download the pdfs and print. If you want to view online, use the direct links to each of the pages.

I’ll be looking forward to having this reference available as I wander around.

The data for these sheets comes from the seasonal bar charts included in the back of the Birds of WA.

Here’s the link again: http://wos.org/documents/Occurrence/ <http://wos.org/documents/Occurrence/>
[you can also find them from the WOS homepage by selecting the ‘resources’ menu]

Thanks to WOS for hosting the project, and especially for Marv for putting these together and then offering to share them.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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