[Tweeters] Unknown Shorebird/plover at Potholes reservoir

John grettenberger jgretten at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 09:21:12 PDT 2018

A birder/biologist  friend from Switzerland and I were at the WDFW boat ramp by Potholes State park yesterday afternoon on the south end of Potholes reservoir, and observed a shorebird that we could only make out to be a Lesser Sand Plover.  I tried to digiscope some photos, but unfortunately they didn’t turn out.    It flew in between some Western Sandpipers and Pectoral Sandpipers we were watching on a small muddy inlet to the left of the boat ramps.  It was intermediate in size between the two.  It had a short, black bill, but longer and heavier than Semipalmated Plover.  The breast was white with no white collar.  The back was grayish.  It had a white eyeline and white throat.  We got good looks at it before it flushed, and we had to leave to get back. We looked at the comparisons between Semipalmated Plover and Lesser Sand (Mongolian) Plover in Shorebirds of the Northwest by Paulson, and it looks like the photo there on page 109, maybe a bit paler.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on the id, or happened to be in the area to look for it, that would be great.

John Grettenberger

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