[Tweeters] Northern Goshawk on West Queen Anne

Thomas M Leschine tml at uw.edu
Sat Sep 22 09:50:09 PDT 2018

A juvenile Northern Goshawk perched briefly in a tall Doug Fir about 8:30
this morning, near the corner of 5th Ave. W and W. Garfield in Seattle's
Queen Anne neighborhood. Though a block away, its large size and the
panicked flight of a pair of flickers caused me to deploy my scope for a
better view. I managed a couple of digiscoped photos as well before the
bird launched on something out of sight, in a fast, straight-line

I noted a heavily streaked breast, the whitish supercilium, prominent white
under tail coverts blowing in the breeze, and a heavily banded tail with
somewhat uneven broad black bands. I looked for leg bands and believe the
bird had none. The view I had was entirely out my study window and a slow
walk around the block produced no further sightings.
Tom Leschine
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