[Tweeters] Global Parrot Trade Threatens All Endangered Parrots By Spreading Deadly Virus

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hello everyone,

one of the biggest challenges of conservation work is the possibility of
disease wiping out small, often genetically limited, populations of
endangered birds. In the case of parrots, this situation is made worse by
growing populations of invasive ring-necked parakeets that are (becoming)
established in a variety of places outside their natural range. these
parakeets, gorgeous though they are, beloved though they are, also
represent a potential reservoir for a very deadly immunosuppressive virus
that infects and kills parrots. when these parrots are moved from one
country to another, their diseases move with them, and when they end up
living in close proximity to endangered species, this spells trouble. this
piece describes findings from a recent study that explores this very

Global Parrot Trade Threatens All Endangered Parrots By Spreading Deadly
tinyURL: https://tinyurl.com/y9rqm6tk

i hope you find this piece interesting and enlightening, and feel free to
share widely amongst your birdie friends.

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