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Tweets – The day dawned dark, with rain threatening but never arriving. Viewing was awful. Birds were kind of scarce. But after about 9, the day brightened and the birds CAME OUT. It turned out to be a stupendously good day. The highlight, as you might have seen on my previous Tweeters post, was a First for Marymoor RED-NECKED PHALAROPE at the north end of the lake. But it was only one of the...

Highlights: (FOF=First of Fall)
a.. American Wigeon – FOF, photographed from the Lake Platform, and ID’d later (thanks, Bob)
b.. Green-winged Teal – FOF, small fly-by flock
c.. Horned Grebe – FOF, at least one from Lake Platform
d.. RED-NECKED GREBE – First for 2018 – at least 2 from Lake Platform, confirmed by photos (thanks, Bob)
e.. Mourning Dove – two near mansion
f.. Vaux’s Swift – seemed to be streaming south – 25 minimum; probably a lot more
g.. Virginia Rail – FOF, heard from Lake Platform
h.. RED-NECKED PHALAROPE – New for the Marymoor List – #235
i.. Double-creasted Cormorant – FOF, one
j.. Green Heron – TWO at Rowing Club ponds
k.. TURKEY VULTURE – FOF, one over mansion area
l.. Osprey – still one or two; should be leaving soon
m.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – 1-2
n.. Cooper’s Hawk – 1-2
o.. Barn Owl – Mark & Lee spotted one pre-dawn, south of East Meadow
p.. - four woodpecker day – and we *may* have seen incredibly distant Red-breasted Sapsucker, which would have been #5
q.. MERLIN – two in quick succession at Rowing Club (unless one executed a very quick circle; two passes 10-15 seconds apart)
r.. Pacific-slope Flycatcher – two glimpses for me, great look for Hugh and Sharon; three birds probably
s.. Violet-green Swallow – 100?
t.. Cliff Swallow – latest ever for Marymoor; two glimpses
u.. Barn Swallow – 150-300
v.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – FOF, maybe 3 total
w.. Swainson’s Thrush – still about 5-6 heard, mostly pre-dawn
x.. American Pipit – FOF, one heard north of Viewing Mound
y.. EVENING GROSBEAK – FOF, flock of 8 over Lake Platform, heading east
z.. Fox Sparrows – at least a dozen, with quite a bit of singing
aa.. Golden-crowned Sparrow – at least 4, with one singing
ab.. Orange-crowned Warbler – maybe 8, some very drab green, some yellowish with grayish heads
ac.. Yellow Warbler – 1-2 at Rowing Club
ad.. WESTERN TANAGER – male at Rowing Club – getting late for them
Lots of FOFs; an amazing return of fall birds, but still good representation of summer birds (though most of those are clearly migrants passing through from further north). Definitely a feeling that ANYTHING could have shown up.

For the day, 72 species! On Tuesday, a trip led by Sharon to Marymoor had HOODED MERGANSER, CALIFORNIA SCRUB-JAY, TOWNSEND’S WARBLER, and BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD, to make 76 species for the week so far.


We also had fabulous looks at an AMERICAN BEAVER at the Rowing Club ponds.

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