[Tweeters] Return of the Kent Black Phoebe, and other south side goodies

Jeffrey Bryant jbryant_68 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 18:23:45 PDT 2018

After productive morning at Cedar river mouth, with all the nice shorebirds Marv posted, plus FOS Ruddy Ducks and a nice 5-Warbler walk thru the park, I headed south.
Following up on Pat Coddington’s report of a possible Fife Solitary Sandpiper, I easily found the bird in a rather miserable puddle along the RR tracks at Brookville Gardens. Very confiding and photogenic, unlike the nearby alarmist Greater Yellowlegs.
3 stops in Kent (Boeing Ponds, 212th St ponds, 204th & Frager ALL produced Lincoln’s and GC Sparrows, Yellow, Yelliw-dumped and OC Warblers. Star of show, tho, is the Black Phoebe in the NE corner of the fenced pond at 204/Frager right now (6:15). Also here, pipits and my first flock of Cackling Geese of the season, outnumbering Canadas by 2:1

Jeff Bryant

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