[Tweeters] Jaeger over Puget Sound

Mike Wagenbach wagen at uw.edu
Thu Sep 20 07:18:23 PDT 2018

Yesterday I was kayaking from Alki Beach to Blake Island and back
between 10 AM and 3 PM with a friend. When we were between 1/2 and 1
mile from Blake, a gull-like bird went by which I only saw from behind
briefly. It appeared to be the size of a medium-large gull, fairly
uniform dark caramel brown on back and tail, clean white below. My
buddy saw it a second or two earlier and said it looked like it had a
chinstrap, but that could have been a breastband. Since the color
seemed off for a gull, I'm trying to make it into a Pomarine Jaeger.
Not a bird I've seen much or recently, so not certain. Sound
reasonable, at all?

Ignoring the white-headed gulls, it was not a very birdy day. One
Western Grebe 100 or 200 yards north of the middle of Alki Beach just
after we put in. Two or three non-Double-Crested cormorants flying over
the middle of the Sound, no pale butt-patch so either juvenile Pelagic
or Brandt's, probably the former. Three D-C Cormorants near Alki as we
returned. A few Caspian Terns, only one of which I saw dive, not sure
if it caught anything. No ducks. No alcids. No raptors; have Osprey
left town for the season?

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