[Tweeters] Common Terns at Lyons Ferry

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Tue Sep 18 19:31:10 PDT 2018

This evening, I saw four COMMON TERNS come down the Palouse River at Lyons Ferry. They then spent quite a while fishing the Snake River, and I left them around 6pm roosting on the log booms off of the Lyons Ferry SP boat launch. I was able to add them to my Franklin, Whitman, and Columbia county lists :)

This morning, I found the STILT SANDPIPER amongst a couple of dozen PECTORAL SANDPIPERS at Lind Coulee, and at least two HERMIT THRUSH at Potholes SP in the campground in the NW part of the park. Also, I saw at least 2 COMMON TERNS from the O’Sullivan dam. So a good day for Common Terns.

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