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Here are the numbers so far for my Amphibian, Reptile and Fish (ARF) Big Year. 11 amphibians, 9 reptiles and 25 fish. I'm trying to get to the magic 50 number but realize the weather is closing in on amphibians and reptiles. I still hold out hope for Western Red-backed and Long-toed Salamanders along with Western Toad.

Can anyone steer me to a specific place to view spawning Coho? I've pretty much seen all the other trout/salmon species. I've gotten all the easy fish- Shiner Perch,3-spine Stickleback, Tidepool Sculpin, etc. If you know the location of any less common fish species, let me know. I'm not catching them on hook and line.

For the record: I've also found 32 mammals sp. and 202 bird sp. in this dress rehearsal for my Vertebrate Big Year in 2021. I've only been able to get out in the field twice in the last 2 months. "Work is the Curse of the Big Year Class"!!

----Steve Ellis

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