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Sun Sep 16 20:09:49 PDT 2018

Low lake levels have a mixed effect. Exposed mud flats are attracting
Killdeer, Snipe and a handful of sandpipers. Hoping for other leggy
birds. Often at this time rails are visible at the lake edge. The
increased density of lake vegetation limits the ability of fishing so
the generous numbers of pie-billed have fallen off and the king fisher
and green heron have moved to deeper water. The otter family has also
moved to fishier pastures.

Enjoyed a swim-by of a phalanx of common mergansers. Family plan.
American coot are back in force.//At night they form rafts that surge
like floating mosh pits. //Eat that Milfoil!! Ring-necked and widgeons
are showing up. A few lesser scaup are hanging at the weedy drop-off.
The woodies are molting out of eclipse and juvie plumage. Rock stars
that seem to know the low angle light makes them pop.

In the trees. Yesterday I got distant looks at a red-tailed hawk. Could
not see a band but hopefully #19 - a local. Saw a couple mixed flocks
of BC chicks with kinglets. What I thought was a solitary waxwing
bugging turned out to be a western peewee. Cool. A pair of pileated
were tearing bark from the new snags at the service road. Strong and
beautiful. Also an alder bleeding heavily from sapsucker wounds but no

There are service roads flanking the Forbes Creek woodlands that provide
good access. The easy one is just east of the fire station. This is an
easy walk from the JBay parking lot. The station lot overlooks the
woodland and a short walk further is a service road that is flanked by
willowish stuff to the west and snags to the east. Good in the
spring/early summer, sparse in the fall. The north road is accessible
from residential streets from the west end at Juanita and the east end
from the Crestwoods stair area. This and the Forbes Creek CKC access
area offer the more adventurous a bit of solitude, sightings and
exercise. The FC and CW woodlands host owls and other things unseen but
heard. Don't ask me where the Barred nest is.

A wise man once said "If you stay in one place long enough it will
reveal its secrets to you."

Safe Travels.

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