[Tweeters] Quick trip to the coast

Roger Moyer rogermoyer1 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 14 20:36:47 PDT 2018

I took a long day and hit most of the coast from Ocean Shores to Tokeland today. I didn't do nearly as good as Gary Fredricks did earlier this week. I only had 11 species. There were very small numbers too. Though there was a large flock of Sanderlings and Black-Bellied Plovers on the beach in Grayland. There was one American Golden Plover mixed in with this flock. Midway Beach yielded the best bird of the day, a Lapland Longspur. It was in the dunes past the ponds. The day ended with a very large flock of Sooty Shearwaters landing on the water at the mouth of Willipa Bay. I videoed the flock. I will be posting it to Facebook Western Washington Birds. It is pans a little too quickly, but you can get an idea of the number of birds.

Cheers and good birding

Roger Moyer

Chehalis, WA
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