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Tweets – I’m glad we were out yesterday, and not this morning. Instead of soaking showers, we had a thin overcast and little to no wind. It was very pleasant; good owling weather pre-dawn, and a good morning of birding after that featured a good mix of species, if lacking in huge numbers of birds and great looks.

Predawn, we had an eight-year-old girl and her dad out by 5:00 a.m. to try for owls, and we were at least fairly successful. Wonderful to nurture the excitement of preadolescent learning!

a.. Vaux’s Swift – still a couple around flying with swallows
b.. Green Heron – juvenile at Rowing Club pond again
c.. Osprey – two sightings
d.. Bald Eagle – one adult at lake
e.. Northern Harrier – one over Dog Meadow
f.. Cooper’s Hawk – two sightings
g.. Red-tailed Hawk – several
h.. Barn Owl – a couple of brief views, one early, one just before sunrise
i.. Western Screech-Owl – heard very well east of boardwalk; don’t know how we never saw it
j.. – Four woodpecker day – and we may have heard Pileated as well
k.. MERLIN – seen twice, second time going after Barn Swallows
l.. Willow Flycatcher – still a couple
m.. PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER – juvenile in Dog Meadow
n.. Violet-green Swallow – At least 20
o.. Barn Swallow – At least 100, with another hundred+ swallows over lake, too far for ID
p.. Swainson’s Thrush – should be gone in a week or two, but still had 2 sightings, 3+ more heard
q.. – EIGHT sparrow day – including:
a.. FOX SPARROW – First of Fall, fairly early date
b.. GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW – First of Fall – At least 2
r.. Orange-crowned Warbler – seen at several locations - 5+ birds
s.. Common Yellowthroat – a few around, and still singing mature males
t.. Yellow Warbler – seen at several locations - 4+ birds
u.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – one in Dog Meadow pine tree
On my way out, I added GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL and ROCK PIGEON; that got us to 60 species for the day, despite missing Hooded Merganser, Band-tailed Pigeon (might have glimpsed), American Coot, Marsh Wren, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Western Tanager (possibly glimpsed).

Over the next two weeks, extensive changes in the species list are expected, coinciding with the equinox.

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