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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Alan. I've been doing most of the
work maintaining the eBird filters in Washington recently and will check on

Good birding,
Ryan Merrill

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> Hello All,


> During a recent trip to the northern Cascades, I noticed that the wrong

> Canada Jay group was present in the eBird filter for several areas.

> Subspecies bicolor, whose range includes Okanogan (as far west as west of

> Conconully/ east of Winthrop in hotspots such as the Long Swamp, Tiffany

> Springs, and Rogers Lake), Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreile Counties and the

> SE Blue Mountains, is very similar to the Rocky Mountains group

> (capitalis/albescens) in some plumage characteristics, but is classified by

> Clements as part of the Northern canadensis group. I'm fairly certain this

> is based on the 2012 paper (High latitudes and high genetic diversity:

> Phylogeography of a widespread boreal bird, the gray jay (Perisoreus

> canadensis) by Paul van Els, Carla Cicero, and John Klicka, Molecular

> Phylogenetics and Evolution 63, pp 456–465) that shows a "Transcascades"

> group as sister to the Northern group, which combined are sister to a

> southern Rocky Mtn group. Anyway, the filter for those portions of the

> state should be updated accordingly to include the Northern group and

> remove the option for the Rocky Mountains group.


> Additionally, the Pacific group (obscurus), and not the Rocky Mountains

> group, is the correct group for both slopes of the Cascades to the Canadian

> border, so the filter for the eastern Cascades at such places as Rainy and

> Washington Pass also needs to be corrected to the the Pacific group. I

> think some birders were selecting the wrong option because it was the only

> one available in the filter for the area- for example, there is one eBird

> record for Washington Pass that included photos where the jays are clearly

> of the Pacific group. There was also one record from Chelan County entered

> as Rocky Mountains group (without details) that should also be the Pacific

> group.


> I'm not sure if the eBird reviewers in WA monitor this list, but if not,

> if someone knows who I should contact, let me know.


> Best, Alan

> Alan Knue

> Edmonds, WA


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